New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, October 4, 2017!


Avengers #672 Worlds Collide Part One


Highlights This Week: After last week’s Marvel Legacy one-shot we now launch into the new books, new story lines and what’s being referred to as Legacy Numbering. Avengers #672 begins the “Worlds Collide” event crossing over with Champions and also introduces new regular artist Jesus Saiz!


New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, October 11, 2017!


“The Fall of Parker” Begins in Amazing Spider-Man #789



Highlights This Week: Marvel Legacy and Legacy Numbering continues this week with a prime example of what’s been known for years as “The Parker Luck”! We knew that Peter Parker couldn’t be the CEO of a major corporation forever and in Amazing Spider-Man #798 ” The Fall of Parker” begins, and the approach is much more “back-to-basics” then it’s been for a while (unless you’ve been reading Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man too)!


New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, October 18, 2017!


“The Death of The Mighty Thor” Begins in Mighty Thor #700


Highlights This Week: When Marvel Comics had begun to hint at their Marvel Legacy event and Legacy Numbering earlier in the year, the one book that was talked about even then in hushed tones was that The Mighty Thor #700 would be released in the fall. Well, that milestone is being released this week under the ominous title of “The Death of The Mighty Thor”, Part One!


New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, October 25, 2017!


Saga #48 and the Return of Ghüs!


Highlights This Week: Image Comics’ Saga #48 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples comes to the end of another story arc with enough material for a Volume 8 Softcover, currently expected the week between Christmas and New Year’s on Wednesday, December 27, but as of right now we don’t know when we’ll see an issue #49!