Captain America wins MotoGP (well, sort of …)!

by Brook Anthony

Jacob Kriese / The Star (

Taking a rare and well-deserved day off from my full-time gig at Westfield Comics to take my son to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I witnessed an event that most Americans probably missed: Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo won, in grand fashion, the coveted top spot in the MotoGP race. What does this have to do with comics? Well, as it so happens, Jorge is a comic book fan and he wore a helmet inspired by Captain America (probably trying to play a bit to the home crowd – MotoGP racing is, after all, a huge international sport and there aren’t many U.S. races) and celebrated his win by grabbing Cap’s shield on the cool down lap! Although the helmet looked unequivocally cool to my 6-year-old son, Jorge said he will be working on the helmet design for next year and it will be even cooler. It had an “A” on the front, some wings on the side, a star on the chin and the shield on the back. I have to say I thought it looked pretty cool myself and, when he was handed the shield, the effect together was awesome. The shield didn’t last, however, when he wheelied down a short straight. Of course, the real Cap’s shield would not be so easily blown away.

Also, to give you an indication of the prevalence of the graphic novel form, we saw a graphic novel about Jorge which we duly considered picking up. Much to our chagrin, however, the GN was all in Spanish and I took French in school. Or maybe it was French that took me. C’est la vie.

Brook and Dylan at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Brook and Dylan on the "yard of bricks"


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