Jeffrey Moy Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Video Game Gals GN

Video Game Gals

Video Game Gals

Jeffrey Moy has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish his creator-owned graphic novel, Video Game Gals. Moy is best known for his long run on DC’s Legionnaires and various Star Trek comics, including the recent Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes. He also worked as a video game designer for a number of years. Video Game Gals stars a team of four women who help keep the world safe in the future. The book itself will be a hardcover, 80-page graphic novel. There are many levels of donations and lots of cool rewards which include sketchbooks, sketch cards, original art, and more. You can even be drawn into the comic!

As Moy writes on the Kickstarter page:

With all the many comics and graphic novels out there tending to go to the extremes of being serious and gritty or super cute and nichy, not that there’s anything wrong with that,  I feel it’s time for the VIDEO GAME GALS to make a mark in the world by being what comics used to be: a fun adventure, with great characters, story and action, wrapped up on one book.  If you’re willing to support this project, you can make your mark right along there with them.

If you want to know more, check out the Video Game Gals kickstarter page and if you like what you see, consider donating.

Go to Kickstarter page.


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