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You best listen to Beau

You best listen to Beau

by Beau Smith

Weird, Obscure, Forgotten Comic Books. How do they get that way? Were they ever meant to be considered that? I doubt it. When they were created, I’m pretty sure the writer or artist, or both, were very serious with their ideas of relevancy, compelling characters, and intentions. I know I am as a writer…well…most of the time.

During my run on Guy Gardner Warrior, I was given a LOT of freedom not only with cover ideas, but with stories and characters. There wasn’t much I couldn’t do with the character or any of the characters I brought into the series. DC Comics was so free then. You should also remember, Guy Gardner wasn’t a sales buster at that time. I got on the book because they were planning on axing the series soon. I ended up, with Mitch Byrd and Dan Davis, bringing the sales up for 2 years and we all got to ride a lot longer than originally planned by DC Comics.

Guy Gardner And His Crazy Beau Smith Created Crew Of Supporting Characters. Art by Devilkais

Guy Gardner And His Crazy Beau Smith Created Crew Of Supporting Characters.
Art by Devilkais

First thing I did was to try and create from whole cloth, a new cast of supporting characters for Guy, so editorial couldn’t fool with them. I then brought in as many weird, obscure, and forgotten DC characters as I could. Once more, so editorial wouldn’t care or mess with them.

I wanted the series to be Guy’s Island Of Misfit Toys. I wanted Warrior’s Bar to be THE place where superheroes could come and relax, and where you could occasionally find a barroom brawl between meta-humans and the like.

I cannot begin to tell you of the fun I had hauling in obscure DC characters like Earthworm, Lady Blackhawk, Tiger-Man, Wildcat, GoldFace, as well as creating characters such as Buck Wargo And The Monster Hunters, Sledge, The Black Serpent, Dementor, and many more. Who could forget me turning Guy into a Gal for one issue? How nuts was that?

“Gal” Gardner Art by Marc Campos

“Gal” Gardner
Art by Marc Campos

When I hit my local comic book shop, convention, or even eBay, I usually look for weird, obscure, crazy comic books that have somehow gotten overlooked in life and the newsstand. I’ve kinda got my own Island For Misfit Comic Books going on here. That’s a good thing.

Recently I was lucky enough to come across some truly fun, weird, and obscure comics at The Inner Geek Comic Store in Ashland, Ky.

Beau's treasure trove of comics

Beau’s treasure trove of comics

Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon #17. Beautiful painted cover, crazy, North of the border Canadian justice, fighting bears, bad guy lumberjacks, loads of fist fights and saving kids that are lost in the Yukon. It’s a snow day for sissies. Only tough guys go out on days like this.

Captain Venture and The Land Beneath The Sea #2. Oh, My Gosh! The title alone will take the money from your wallet. Captain Rex, and Engineer Scotty, space wrecked in a world that screams “I’m full throttle crazy!” It’s Waterworld done up right. As a kid, this book was filled with the kind of adventures and nuttiness that I had in my brain. Monsters, crazy inventions; it had it all.

Captain Johner and The Aliens #1. An Alien invasion comic like none that have come before or after. The good guy’s space bubbles on their space suits, like they used to in the ‘50s and ‘60s…the way it should be! Ray guns, beautiful women that may not really be women, aliens with agendas, good aliens, bad aliens, plots, schemes, and political back-stabbing. When I found this for $2.00. I felt like I stole it!

Archie As Captain Pureheart #6. Everybody in comics was a Captain and had a cape. It was the rank to have. Archie cashing in on the ‘60s Batman craze. I loved it. Campy and crazy. All the Archie characters were in on the act. The villains were so corny they were wonderful. They said words like “Tarnation!” The Postal Peril, a truly disgruntled mailman super villain that is….disgruntled and unhinged. “Postage Due” is the title; Entertainment Due was the reward!

Superman’s Girfriend Lois Lane #135. One of many famous Superman is a D%$# covers where Superman is just a stone cold creep. I loved these stories and covers. It was like the editors and writers at DC Comics were really bored and said, “Let’s mess with The Man Of Steel.” I wish they were still messing with him. Did you see the last Superman movie? We need some revenge for what we were given. I so long for this insanity.

M.A.R.S. Patrol-Total War #5. Again, an alien invasion, only this one was fought right; jaw, busting, bone breaking, flame throwing, without thought for collateral damage, the right way to fight creepy bald aliens. M.A.R.S. stood for Marine Attack Rescue Service, the elite from the elite branches of the service. These guy took no bad mouth from the alien invader known as “The Baldies” Our good guys made fun of them and gave them intergalactic wedgies every chance they got. Beautiful painted cover, loads of destruction, and lots of “fist-in-the-face” justice.

Weird, obscure, forgotten comic books are the only kind of comic books to be buying if you’re Beau Smith!

Start searching them out, my friends. Thank me later. Don’t waste another minute reading serious present day comic books. Get Nutty!

From the Comic Book Asylum,

Beau Smith

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