Bob’s News About Stuff!!!

Kurt Busiek fans will want to read these 2 new interviews on the Newsarama website that states that his Astro City will stay at DC, even with the Wildstorm imprint ending, and that he has a new fantasy series, The Witchlands, also now coming from DC in the Spring of 2011. Also, they have an interview with Busiek revealing a little about his follow-up “of sorts” to the sadly out of print Superman: Secret Identity called Batman: Creature of the Night.

Viz has picked up the rights to the popular manga Tenjho Tenge now that DC’s CMX Imprint is no more. The new editions will be unedited!

Paul Chadwick is nearing completion of his first new Concrete mini-series since 2005 and talks about a project he’s been working on with Harlan Ellison for the past 7 years!

Marvel will begin adapting their 3rd Jane Austin novel with this March’s  Emma #1.

The SyFy Channel will burn off the remaining episodes of their canceled Caprica series in a 5-hour marathon on Tuesday, January 4.

Archie launches their second magazine this May, Veronica & Betty, after the success of Life with Archie.


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