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Gail Simone takes on Domino in April


Gail Simone is returning to Marvel Comics in April to write a new Domino series! The character will also be appearing in the new Deadpool movie this June!

The second installment Ed Piskor’s X-Men trilogy, X-Men: Grand Design, Second Genesis, will now be released this summer instead of its originally scheduled date of December!

Check out this first look of DC’s The Terrifics #1 starring Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man, Phantom Girl and Tom Strong!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but, if you haven’t already heard, the following Marvel titles have been cancelled with the following issues: America #12 (for now), Gwenpool #25, Hawkeye #16, Iceman #11, Luke Cage #10 and She-Hulk #163!

Reportedly, Brian Michael Bendis will be joined by artist Ivan Reis on DC’s regular Superman title later this year!

In other Bendis news, his final two issues of Jessica Jones for Marvel, #17 & #18 have been delayed by 3 weeks each!

Gambit will be joining the team in April’s X-Men: Red #3!

Even though he’s knee-deep in his work with Geoff Johns on Doomsday Clock, Gary Frank is also still working with Johns on a Batman Earth One Volume 3!

FX’s terrific Legion returns for its second season in April!


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