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Joe Benitez’ Lady Mechanika #4


Having not released a new issue in over a year, we finally have some news about Joe Benitez’ Lady Mechanika. Basically, he is splitting from Aspen Comics and either taking the popular title to another publisher or going the self-publishing route later on in 2013. We’ll let you know when we hear more!

Prolific writer Peter David suffered a stroke recently while on vacation in Florida for the holidays. His wife is giving fans updates on his blog and offers suggestions to help his recovery. We wish him well.

Amazing Spider-Man #700 will have 2nd Printing released on 1/30 with a cool new Doc Ock cover by Humberto Ramos!

Even though we currently have Mike Mignola‘s Hellboy in Hell book coming out, we will soon have the new Hellboy: The Midnight Circus Hardcover Graphic Novel towards the end of the year with art by Duncan Fegredo!

We’ve got a little more info on the new series Jim Starlin is doing for DC, but still no official announcement!

Neil Gaiman, and maybe J. K. Rowling, are working on a different sort of Doctor Who project for this year’s 50th Anniversary!



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