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Green Lantern Family Promo Piece by Billy Tan!


This June, DC is overhauling their entire line of Green Lantern Comics with new creative teams on all 4 titles and the addition of a new series starring Orange Lantern, Larfleeze!

Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley‘s  new project Seconds, about the relationships of the staff at a restaurant named Seconds, has been delayed until sometime in 2014 due to a shoulder injury! Get better soon Bryan!

USA Today is reporting that Greg Pak and Jae Lee are the creative team on this June’s new Batman/Superman title!

IDW is partnering with Cartoon Network this summer to make Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Lab, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, Samurai Jack, and Ben 10 comics!

DC/Vertigo will be publishing an original graphic novel this September, The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor And The Ship That Sank Twice! Also this Fall, DC/Vertigo will be releasing a Fables Encyclopedia and the first Fairest original graphic novel, Fairest in All the Land!

There’s a new actual, as opposed to a teaser, trailer released for HBO’s Game of Thrones Season Three, returning Sunday, March 31! There be dragons!

After a wait of over 2 years (!), Season 5 of Venture Bros. begins May 19 on Cartoon Network! Me so happy!

If you’re a Calvin & Hobbes fan, you MUST check out this gallery of 15 images created by photographer Michael S. Den Beste, featuring Bill Watterson‘s beloved characters in real life settings! AWESOME!


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