Link Blogging: KC reviews DC’s New 52 week 4, part 1

DC Universe Presents #1

DC Universe Presents #1

Regular Westfield contributor KC Carlson continues his reviews of DC’s New 52 at Comics Worth Reading. This time he looks at some of the books from week four including Birds of Prey #1, DC Universe Presents #1, and Blue Beetle #1. Look for the rest of the week four reviews on Monday.


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  1. T, M. Strait Says:

    Well. Let me try again. What would be so evil if the indicia had a whole number in it, like they do with some pulps like Ellery Queen’s Mystery magazine. It could read down it’s tiny print Vol 2 No. 1 Whole Number 905. Would that be a crime? Good golly, who would it hurt? Do us older fans have to be completely dissed? That can’t even throw us a teeny, tiny bone?